Dec 222013


Theresa Árnadóttir wrote:
is there an Western Union in Denmark at the international airport in
Copenhagen!!!! I need to know, becaue may need to send a man a money there to take plane, he coming form a bus from other country and need to take then flight to Denmark country. and need money for the flight so need to know if there an Western Union at the Airport in Denmark, because I don´t have the credit card to pay online for him.



Dear Theresa,

There doesn’t seem to be a Western Union agent at the airport, but the nearest one is just over 4.5 miles from the airport at Jernbanegade, Roskilde. There is another at Industrivej, Roskilde, which is around 5.5 miles from the airport.

Please have a look at the image below, which shows directions to the Western Union agent (B) from the Copenhagen Airport (A)

You could also consider sending the money to the concerned person to the country he is starting from.

Directions from Copenhagen Airport to Western Union agents

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