Jun 182014

By Mohammed Waseem

New Zealand based money transfer operator Orbit Remit allows the residents of New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom to send money to over 33 countries in Europe, Asia and Oceania. They boast of excellent customer service and swift transfers. They also boast of excellent customer reviews.

Orbit Remit allows users to send money to a bank account to all supported countries and to a credit card issued in Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, the United Kingdom and Vietnam. The minimum amount for transfer is 50 in the local currency of the sender, which is either AUD or NZD or GBP.

Orbit RemitAll customers are required to verify their identity, before which, they can send a maximum of GBP 800 (from the UK) or ZUD/NZD 2000 (from Australia or New Zealand). After verification, residents of the UK can send a maximum of GBP 9900 and the residents of Australia and New Zealand can send a maximum of AUD/NZD 60000. Verified businesses are allowed to send a maximum of AUD/NZD 100000 from Australia or New Zealand and GBP 50000 from the UK.

Senders are required to transfer money to Orbit Remit via internet banking and they release the payment once funds have been cleared and deposited into their account. This may happen overnight or may take up to 3 days in the UK, depending on the bank. This is a disadvantage, as most money transfer companies accept credits cards and debit cards, which is not true for Orbit Remit. A customer who does not want to use the bank account would switch over to another provider for this reason.

Money is available within 36 hours of receiving it in Orbit Remit’s account. Payment delivered is in the local currency and not in USD or any other foreign currency. Senders can also setup recurring payments via Direct Debit for selected payment types. They are also allowed to send payments to their own credit cards in the countries mentioned above.

The fee charged for transfers from the UK to India is GBP 1.99 and GBP 5.00 for all other countries. From Australia, the fee is AUD 4.00 for transfers to India and AUD 8.00 for transfers to all other countries. From New Zealand, the fee charged is NZD 5.00 for transfers to Australia and NZD 8.00 for transfers to all other countries.

Residents of New Zealand can also make court payments free of cost and same day settlement guarantee and recurring payments option.

Interested users in the UK, Australia and New Zealand can start using their service by registering here.

Jun 122014

By Mohammed Waseem

Lebara Money, a UK based organization offers money transfer services to over 310000 locations around the world. They do this by using the agent network of MoneyGram. Senders can use all the ways of transfer that MoneyGram offers, including online and mobile transfers. They offer three ways to make transfers including MoneyGram, International Airtime transfer and Prepaid Cards.

Transfer through MoneyGram is no different, but their Lebara Prepaid Card transfer is quite interesting. When a user signs up, they are given two cards; one for them and one for a family member or anyone else, intended to send money to. So, any time of the day, money can be transferred from the sender’s card to the family member’s card. The holder of the latter can choose to withdraw this money at any ATM location bearing MasterCard logo or to spend the money for shopping at places around the world where MasterCard is accepted.

Lebara MoneyThe cards can be ordered here and they are delivered within 10 days after ordering. The cards are free of any fee if the sender’s card is loaded with an initial £20 credit. Alternatively, a fee of £14.95 can be paid. Money can be loaded through the Lebara mobile app, via a bank transfer, at a post office or at any PayPoint location. Loading the card with the mobile app is charged £1 and the limit is £250. For bank transfer, the limit is £3000 and it is free of charges. Post offices charge £1 for loading a card and the limit there is £500. At a PayPoint location, the charge applicable is 3% of the amount loaded and the limit is £500. Senders can load their cards maximum twice a day.

Money can be sent using the sender’s card by calling the IVRS at 0123 525 2000 or by logging onto the Lebara website. The money is available in the family member’s card within seconds. A charge of £1.50 is applible for withdrawal from most UK ATMs, restaurants and other retail merchants may also charge an additional amount over the money spent, if applicable. Charges at international ATMs are £2.

The family member’s card can be used in the 210 countries and territories around the world, where MasterCard is accepted. Additionally, the sender’s card can also be used for withdrawal at ATMs and for spending at retail locations. The charges towards foreign exchange fees are 2% of the transaction amount in currencies other than GBP. £1 per month is also applicable if a card is inactive for over 90 days.

I will discuss about the international airtime transfer in a different article on SafeCashTransfer.com. To sign up for an account with Lebara for instant online transfers, this link can be followed.

May 252014

By Mohammed Waseem

Sending money to and from the UK is simple these days, with so many money transfer operators popping up. Many of these companies have operations in multiple countries, some even have over 100 countries in their list. We have discussed about few of those companies in the past. Today, I will talk about Send Money 24, a UK based money transfer service provider to over 100 countries.

SendMoney24.com is an online payment service provider specializing in International Money Transfer and Payment Services to and from the UK. They can transfer money to a recipient’s bank account or for cash pickup at their agent locations. Their fee starts from 2% of the amount being sent, with the minimum limit of £2.99. Their agent locator and fee calculator are accessible and easy to use. They also work in partnership with UNIstream, WebMoney, Ria and Contact.

Send Money 24In order to send money, a sender has to register for an account, send the money transfer request, pay after receiving confirmation, and communicate the unique code and the agent’s address from the acknowledgment receipt (applies for cash pickups only). Senders can pay through Internet Banking from any UK bank. Money is paid out to the recipient in USD, EUR or the local currency, as instructed by the sender.

Once the company receives the funds from the sender, they process the payment and the receiver can collect it the next working day or depending on the time taken by banks to process the transactions, in case of bank account transfers. Senders do not have to choose agent locations, they are automatically applied based on the recipient’s address.

Send Money 24 is secure and is regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). They are a simple service, best for people sending money to families regularly or for people making business payments or any other similar payments. They are however not suitable for emergency transfers which happen within minutes.

Apr 282014

By Mohammed Waseem

Foreign Exchange companies operating money transfer services is not something new, we have learnt about some of them; few of them running quite successfully. There is one company that facilitates money transfers between the US, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Canada, UK and the rest of Europe; it is Tranzfers, which is owned and operated by the Sydney based OzForex.

The sender has to sign up for an account with Tranzfers, book the amount and transfer it to their account. A confirmation may be received by email and a phone call maybe received from a Tranzfers team member. The money is then converted / exchanged at a great rate and deposited into the recipient’s account. It is as simple as it sounds.

Tranzfer MoneyOnce logged in, the sender has to enter their currency, amount to transfer and the recipient’s currency to book a rate by choosing automatic conversion or by manually choosing the best rate from live market. Transfers can be made to more than one person at a time as well. Once submitted, the sender is given instructions to deposit the money into their account, which happens electronically.

They compare charges with banks and claim that their charges are much lower. They charge £7 for transfers from the UK, $5 for the US, A$15 for Australia, CA$15 for Canada, NZ$15 for New Zealand and SG$15 for Singapore. Due to the fact that they are foreign exchange operators, they have a close look at market rates and guarantee huge savings which may go to hundreds or even thousands in some cases. They have no working times; money can be booked at any time on any day. The minimum transfer amount is A$100, NZ$100 and £50. Interestingly, referring users can earn the senders free iPods.

They are a good service for transfers between the UK, Australia and the US, the fact that they can provide good rates and low fees makes this even true.