May 052015

MoneyGram Japan


Hello. I am living in Oita, Japan. And i want to know where is the nearest money gram agent?



I could not find physical address for any MoneyGram agent in Oita, but there are online services like the following:



     Phone: 0333590009
     Phone: 0362292185


Dec 292013

Sharon Leslie asked:

i have two money gram money orders totaling $900 even. I want to know if i can put this on a moneygram card so i can transferr money?


Sharon, yes it is possible. It is simple, here’s how:

  1. Contact your card provider to obtain a 4 digit receive code and your account number.
  1. Visit the nearest MoneyGram agent and process a MoneyGram Express Payment by giving the details from step 1 and the money you want to load on the card.


Masud asked:

mr i am bangladesh to russia money gream,
please you bang ladesh perfact addres give me,
i am bangladesh to much money gram agent near go,
but agent told me we are not  send onley we are money gram recived,
please money trans fer agent location give me,


Masud, if what I have understood from your question is correct, you want to send money from Bangladesh to Russia, but you were told by the local MoneyGram agent that they only receive money for MoneyGram.

I looked for agent locations in Bangladesh who send money. I have found two agents, one in Luxmipur and one in Narayangonj. The addresses are the following:

Location 1:

Haidergonj SME & remittance service CTR

Gazi Super Market (1st Floor) Raidergonj Raipur

Luxmipur, 3700



Location 2:

The City Bank Ltd – Nitaigonj

Road Netaiganj 217 b k

Narayangonj, 1400


Sep 302011
Indian post office at the top of Chamundi Hill, Mysore. Indian post offices will begin offering MoneyGram services.

Indian post office at the top of Chamundi Hill, Mysore. Indian post offices will begin offering MoneyGram services.

By W.H.A.|

East Indians living abroad now have a new and convenient way to send money to relatives at home – MoneyGram.

India has one of the largest networks of post offices in the world – not surprising for the world’s second most populous country. In a real coup for MoneyGram, Indian post offices will begin offering MoneyGram services.

This will be a huge boon to the thirty million Indians who live abroad and send remittances home. Much of India’s population lives in rural towns and villages, where banks have only a 5% presence. In the past it has been difficult for Indians abroad to send money to relatives in small villages.

Not that MoneyGram has yet penetrated that market. While India has over 150,000 post offices – ! – the MoneyGram alliance will initially be rolled out in 100 post offices only, in the Indian regions of Delhi, Punjab and Tamil Nadu. If successful, the alliance will be extended to 5,000 post offices in the next three years.

India’s minister of communications and information technology, Shri Kapil Sibal, commenced the start of the agreement by making the first money transfer, from the UAE to Delhi. Sibal noted that 50% of Indians do not have a bank account.

Harsh Lambah, MoneyGram senior regional director for South Asia, said: “MoneyGram’s teaming with India Post reaffirms the company’s commitment to serving its hundreds of thousands of customers in the world’s largest remittance market, and the value MoneyGram brings India Post’s business and customers. Bringing India Post, one of the world’s largest postal services, to our network is very exciting.”

MoneyGram has over 200,000 agent locations all in more than 190 nations. To find a MoneyGram location, use their agent finder here.

MoneyGram Location Finder