Sep 212011

By W.H.A.|

Western Union has announced that they are teaming up with a company called TouchNet to offer a new payment service for international students. Students will have to options:

1. They will be able to pay their tuition fees in local currency directly from their bank accounts.

2. They can pay their fees in cash at participating Western Union offices around the world.

Western Union

Western Union

There are millions of students studying in foreign countries, and Western Union is looking to make the tuition payment process easier for them, and of course make a profit in the process.

Western Union, whose stock symbol is WU, has been expanding aggressively into a number of new markets, and offering new products. Their stock peaked at $22 per share in March 2011, and is currently trading at $16.

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  1. I find Western Union to be too pricey, myself. I typically use for money transfers, or Paypal when available.

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