Comparing Latin America Money Transfer Services


South America’s mixed economic fortunes make it a patchwork for transferring money to. Strong, stable economies like Brazil and Chile are easy to remit money to, whereas countries with instability and foreign exchange controls like Argentina and Venezuela are closed to traditional remit services. Paypal for example recently dropped Argentina, and in some places your recipient may need extensive government paperwork to receive money from abroad. New services which use preloaded credit cards are becoming popular as a result, alongside specialised small dealer networks like Viamericas.

About South America Money Transfer Services

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With ATMCASH, consumers can easily send money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and the money can be withdrawn at more than 1.5 million ATMs in over 150 countries and in all 50 United States. ATMCASH enables consumers to send money using a credit card, debit card, or bank account. The sender’s recipient receives a re-loadable ATMCASH Card which enables both senders and recipients to send and receive money on their own schedules. Viamericas is a licensed money transmitter headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland with regional operations centers in Mexico and Colombia. The company has over 3000 agents in the United States and over 26.000 cash payout locations and direct deposits to bank accounts in certain countries. Incorporated in Delaware in 1999, the company commenced operations in 2000.
ATM Cash Viamericas Transfast
How can I fund my account?
Bank Transfer
Credit/Debit Card
Check/Money Order
How can I withdraw funds?
Bank Account
Credit/Debit Cards
Prepaid Credit Card Yes
What’s the cost of sending US dollars?
Add Funds Fees
Bank Account – $5Credit Card – $5 to $35 None Listed None Listed
Foreign Exchange Fees
None Listed None Listed None Listed
Transfer Fees
$9.99 card shipping fee.Only for first transfer. $4.99 per $1000 economy.$5.99 per $1000 premium. Dependant on agent and quotation.
Withdrawl Fees
$1.50 plus $0.99 per month. None None Listed
What are the key facts?
Add Funds Times 3-7 days including shipping. 1-2 business days. 4 days or less.
Transfer Times Instant Instant Instant
Withdrawl Times Instant 3 business days 1 day
Reliability Rating
Transfer Limits $1000 per transfer.$2500 per month. $8000 Based on transaction history.
Locations 1,500,000 24,000 100,000
Countries Covered 150 34 N/A
Number Of Currencies Supported N/A N/A 1

South America Money Transfer Services Notes

Costs above relate to US dollar transfer to Brazil. Rates for other currencies and country combinations vary, these figures are intended as a guide only.

Fees, limits and other transaction criteria will vary according to your personal circumstances, country and transaction history. Providers can be flexible, especially when you are able to verify your identity and build up an account history.

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