May 052015

MoneyGram Japan


Hello. I am living in Oita, Japan. And i want to know where is the nearest money gram agent?



I could not find physical address for any MoneyGram agent in Oita, but there are online services like the following:



     Phone: 0333590009
     Phone: 0362292185


Dec 062014

Becky KASPICK wrote:

I recently sent money online thru Ria Money Transfer to Ghana because there is no close agent available in my area. My transfer went under review because it was being sent to Ghana. I had a very close friend who traveled to Ghana and in the need of money so I thought this was the best way to go.

After Ria reviewed my transfer, it was declined and I had to wait 3 business days for the return of my money which caused me a great inconvenience. I also helped a friend of mine that her sister in Spain wanted her to send some money for Xmas by using Ria. My friend does not have a computer and did not understand how to send the money so I helped her. The transfer went under review and again was denied. She has to wait 3-5 business days for the return of her money.

Ria Customer ServiceThis is totally inappropriate. Not only did they make a poor decision to decline this, but it is again very inconvenient to tie up the return of her money. If they advertise to send money all over the world, then why do they deny all transactions and what gives them the right to decide to whom I can send money to. I knew thes people and I was declined.

I know many people in Ghana and Ria has blocked me from never sending money to Ghana again. I feel this is discrimination against me and them. What gives them this right to make a decision like this?


Dear Becky, thanks for writing to us.

I won’t advocate for them, nor would I say they are completely wrong. But I was surprised to hear that they blocked a transfer to Spain. When we speak about Ghana and money transfer, it is understood, because many scams have been traced back to Ghana and other African nations. One should always be careful while dealing with an unknown party in such countries. The decision to block maybe for security and to avoid scams, but I agree, they should not be blocking money transfers totally.

I am not sure why the transaction was declined for transfer to Spain, you should probably find that out by contacting the customer service team at +1-562-345-2100 or by filling the form here. You should ask for the specific reason for the decline of money transfer to Spain. I am sure they must have blocked/declined the transaction for some reason/misunderstanding. Finding that out would make things clear; whether it was a misunderstanding or they are actually discriminating.

And if they still block transfers to Ghana, you have many other money transfer services that transfer money to Ghana, you can choose one of them.

Oct 162014

Question from Stan:

Is there a Ria money transfer in my area? I’m in Temecula California.
Dear Stan, thanks for writing to us.
Yes, there are Ria Money Transfer locations in Temecula, California.
There are three places you can visit; one on Apis Road, one on Winchester Road and one at Bredford Court. The addresses of these are the following:
Ria Money Transfer

Ria Money Transfer

1. 7-Eleven, Inc (7-Eleven Branch 33613)
Temecula CA
2. 7-Eleven, Inc (7-Eleven Branch 39289)
Temecula CA
3. 7-Eleven, Inc (7-Eleven Branch 33074)
Temecula CA
May 152014

Brenda Parker wrote:

I am trying to find my closest Western Union Money Transfer office close to where I live. I went to a post office this morning to send money from Sydney, Australia to Tokyo, Japan for goods that I purchased and the woman could not process my application. I live at South Hurstville, Sydney, Australia. Please help me.


Brenda, there are many Western Union agents around Hustville in Sydney. I will list them here, but will skip the post offices because you said one of them did not succeed in processing your transaction. In South Hurstville, there seems to be only one agent (Australia Post on Connels Point Road), which, I suppose you have already visited; the following agents are probably a little away from your home.



Shop 4 14 16 Ormond Parade, Hurstville, NSW 2220

Hurstville Western Union 1


Shop To7, Hurstville, NSW, 2220

Hurstville Western Union


Shop 142 Cnr Cross St And Pa, Hurstville, NSW 2220

Hurstville Western Union 3

There are a few more agents in the same area, but I believe these should do the work. You could also try other post offices in Hurstville.

May 142014


Diana Forman wrote:

I sent some money via Western Union to someone in Chicopee. He picked up the money yes but how can I confirm the identity of the person who picked up the money? Would the Western Union be able to confirm to me the name of the person who pick up the cash. I need the information to make a claim for reimbursement.


Western Union storefront.

Western Union.

Diana, Western Union requires the person who picks up the transfer to present the money transfer control number and a piece of identification – typically a driver’s license. Whether they retain this information in their system, and whether they can provide you with any sort of proof – like a photocopy of the person’s license – I don’t know.

I suggest you call the Western Union customer service number and ask them directly. Their number in the United States is:  1 (800) 325-6000 

I’d be interested in hearing how this turns out for you. Come back and leave a comment on this post after you work it out. Good luck.

– Wael

Dec 292013

Sharon Leslie asked:

i have two money gram money orders totaling $900 even. I want to know if i can put this on a moneygram card so i can transferr money?


Sharon, yes it is possible. It is simple, here’s how:

  1. Contact your card provider to obtain a 4 digit receive code and your account number.
  1. Visit the nearest MoneyGram agent and process a MoneyGram Express Payment by giving the details from step 1 and the money you want to load on the card.


Masud asked:

mr i am bangladesh to russia money gream,
please you bang ladesh perfact addres give me,
i am bangladesh to much money gram agent near go,
but agent told me we are not  send onley we are money gram recived,
please money trans fer agent location give me,


Masud, if what I have understood from your question is correct, you want to send money from Bangladesh to Russia, but you were told by the local MoneyGram agent that they only receive money for MoneyGram.

I looked for agent locations in Bangladesh who send money. I have found two agents, one in Luxmipur and one in Narayangonj. The addresses are the following:

Location 1:

Haidergonj SME & remittance service CTR

Gazi Super Market (1st Floor) Raidergonj Raipur

Luxmipur, 3700



Location 2:

The City Bank Ltd – Nitaigonj

Road Netaiganj 217 b k

Narayangonj, 1400


May 092013

By W.H.A.|

1. othel ward wrote:
I sent money to Jessica Hottenstine and would like to know in what city she
picked it up. She said she was out of gas in Fort Wayne after a doctor
appointment but lives in Crawfordsville. Like to see if she lied to me or
not.tracking number is ********. I sent it from Frankfort In. 46041. I sent
20.00 dollars money gram transfer

Answer: Jessica, call the MoneyGram customer service line at 1-800-328-5678 or 1-800-MoneyGram, and ask them what city the money was picked up in. I don’t know if that will tell you if Jessica lied or not, though. If she’s a good friend of yours then maybe you should trust her. If not, then don’t send her any more money.

2. ma.lyka nate wrote:
can i know if this MoneyGram reference number is ready to pick up by reciever
ref:# ********

Answer: malyka, call MoneyGram customer service at 1-800-328-5678 or 1-800-MoneyGram, and ask them if the money was picked up.

3. Patricia Bassett wrote:
I have fraud charges on my debt card through pay pal account I would appreciate
some help on this matter. Thank you

Answer: First, contact Paypal customer support and notify them. Second, contact your bank and ask them to reverse the charges.

Best of luck to all of you. Always protect yourself when it comes to money transfers. Make sure your receiver is who they say they are. Check customer reviews of that seller. If you have any doubt, don’t send the money.