May 112014

By Mohammed Waseem

Sending money internationally requires complete knowledge about the services, companies, exchange rates and so on. It is necessary that senders read and ask about various money transfer services and compare them to choose the best service. Few countries have websites which act as information providers to senders and receivers of money, helping them get the best rates while saving time and money. Few of these websites provide information about the money transfer companies upfront, while others require the users to contact them and then they contact the former with specific information. is a UK based website for providing information about the money transfer services in UK that offer best exchange rates on international transfers. They provide free information about different currency transfers around the world and give the information passed on their website to a UK based money transfer company, so that they can contact the sender with more information about their service. They are owned and operated by Currency Index Ltd.

Screenshot_2014-05-11-17-28-01-1Users logging on to their website can check information and news about currencies and countries they want to send money to. The website is good for such information and not for those who want urgent information about money transfers. It should also be noted that no information about services is provided upfront, users are expected to wait until they are contacted with specific information. They take a day or even 2-3 days to contact the sender; and the company suggested is primarily Currency Index Ltd.

The website is also good for information about best practices in money transfer, specific to each country. Users can read them and avoid mistakes when they use any money transfer service.