Jul 132013

By W.H.A.| SpeedyPay.info

Dib Eladly wrote:

Dear MoneyGram,

I live in Montenegro republic in Europe. If you have any contact information to your office kindly send it to me.


Podgorica, Montenegro.

Montenegro is a beautiful place to go for holiday – but has no MoneyGram locations. This is the capital, Podgorica.

Dib, I’m not a MoneyGram agent. This is a blog and I write reviews and news about money transfer services, including MoneyGram.

I searched MoneyGram’s online international location finder, but no results came up for Montenegro. With something like 200,000 locations in 200 countries I found that surprising, so I called MoneyGram’s customer service line, and indeed they have no agent locations in Montenegro. Weird, huh?

It occurred to me that since Montenegro only became independent in 2006, maybe the MoneyGram systems still classified it as part of Serbia. So I searched locations in Serbia, but I could not find anything in Podgorica, the capital city of Montenegro.

You could try Western Union – they do appear to have agents in Montenegro. See the Western Union location finder results for Podgorica, Montenegro.