Jan 252014

By Mohammed Waseem

Hafiz Bros, a UK based company works in the areas of travel, cargo and money transfer. They specialize in services from UK to Pakistan. They are based in Glasgow and have a vast network of agents across the UK. They are associated with many banks in Pakistan for speedy money transfers.

Money has to be deposited in to Hafiz Bros’ bank account with Barclays Bank or handed over to any of their agents. This money is available for collection usually within 10 minutes at any of the associated bank branches. Other that instant payment, they have next day service and bank transfer service. In case of next day service, recipients receive money within 24 hours and can collect the cash at any of the United Bank Ltd., Bank of Punjab, Silk Bank, Allied Bank Ltd. and MCB Bank branches across Pakistan, which number over 4000. Bank transfer completes in 1-3 working days with deposit into the recipient’s bank account. Home delivery is also available in few areas.

Hafiz Bros Money TransferChecks are also accepted but the transaction is initiated only after the funds are cleared. Other than this, payments are also accepted online and through bank cards.

Hafiz Bros are approved by the Pakistan Government and are pioneers in their service, working with various banks mentioned above. The sender is expected to select the bank where the recipient can collect the money. If it is a bank transfer, the account details have to be provided for direct deposit.

They specialize in services to Pakistan and have operations in the UAE and the UK. They are in the process of establishing services in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka and have plans to expand operations all over the world in the future.

Through their service is quite complicated and they do not seem to have much transparency in their services, charges, rates, etc. they have good efficiency and association with leading Pakistani banks and also with Western Union, the leading money transfer company. In order to grow, in order to keep up with the competition and in order to be truly global, they must make the details clear, specify the competitive advantage and make their website more user-friendly.