Mar 012007

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Up to date reviews of money transfer services like MoneyGram, Western Union, Paypal, Xoom, SWIFT, IBAN bank transfers, foreign remittance specialists, and more.

In recent posts we have reviewed the money transfer services offered by MoneyGram and Xoom, and we explained the history and use of SWIFT transfers.

Our MoneyGram article is quite extensive. We took a detailed look at MoneyGram services, price (cheaper than Western Union), the breadth of their global money transfer network, ease of use (does not require complicated verification like Paypal), and their involvement in local communities.

If you haven’t heard of Xoom money transfer service, check out our brief review. We used the service for some time and are generally happy with it, with only a few small quirks.

In past issues we have reviewed a number of money transfer services in detail. Those articles are now archived. We are re-organizing the archives, but expect to have those articles available again for viewing soon.

We reviewed Western Union, analyzing their affordability for sending money overseas in particular, and discussing the propensity that international scammers seem to have for Western Union.We have also explored the cost of wiring money from a bank, or doing a bank to bank transfer as a means of sending money to someone else, or transferring money between your own accounts.

And we did a complete issue on Paypal, with particular emphasis on Paypal’s customer service (or lack thereof), and the possibility of using Paypal as the equivalent of an online bank account, keeping the money in the currency of your choice in order to facilitate business in various parts of the world and escape U.S. dollar inflation.

In future issues we’re going to take a good look at solutions for sending or remitting money to particular countries, as our readers want more information on this subject. In particular, we will determine the best money transfer services for remittances to the Philippines, remittances to India, and sending money to China. We may also try to crack some of the really tough nuts, like sending money to Pakistan, which has become much more difficult in recent years.We are also planning a complete issue on money orders: postal money orders, international money orders, etc. So stay tuned, bookmark us, and return often!